August 21, 2016

That Time of the Month

Luna Luna [MF]
Full Volume [MF]

Or that time of the season because that's how this scan group works.

Last short story in this doujinshi.  It features menstrual cycles and the artist's mysterious ability to not draw sanitary products by hiding them off frame or behind speech bubbles.

Life has been really busy for me and others.  This is the first break I've had in three weeks.

Look forward to another release very soon.

April 15, 2016

Short tamamusi thing again.

Fun fact: I have a near complete collection of her doujinshi works.  The only thing I'm missing is the Girl Friends doujinshi she did in 2011.

April 12, 2016

Merry Chris-Holiday Season in April

Ikenai Hito Christmas [MF]

It's the most plausible time of the year.

April 10, 2016

Tamamusi Covers All Bases

Mama Yuu [MF]

Tamamusi's pixiv titles are a real pain to read due to a combination of low resolution and bad handwriting, but I got through it anyways.

This one is about sexy mothers.  Enjoy.

April 4, 2016

What You've All Been Waiting For

Ikenai Hito [MF]

We all wanted that one teacher x parent doujnshi, right?

This is the "full" version of Ikenai Hito.  Thanks to Machigai Kouhai from NHFH Scanlations for the scans and helping with cleaning.

In all seriousness, things got really bad for me recently and I couldn't work on scanlation for a while.  I'll try to make a lot of progress this month before having to shift focus in May.

January 19, 2016

Consistent Titles

Yours and My Different Meanings [MF]

This is the second story in Kanarashi Works' "Kimi to" doujinshi.  It's a more fleshed out version of this strip from the artist's pixiv.

What's with us not being consistent with Japanese or English titles?  I don't know.  The next (and final) title will be in Latin just to confuse you more.

(Whoops, put the chapter twice in the zip.  New download fixes that.)

January 16, 2016

Double the Caramel Crunch

Madly in Love [MF]
Little Things Piling Up [MF]

Two more stories from Caramel Crunch's short stories anthology.  The second one has characters that come from her Fuwari (fluffy yuri romance) and Ippon (judo club 4koma) series.  The oneshot we did a while ago, Fuyu no Hanashi, also has characters from those series.

Fuwari will probably be something we work on in the future, but for now we'll be working more on current projects...which I assure you are coming soon.